April 1, 2015

Pick up your issue of Maui Vision, the magazine that brings you the most conscious people,
places & phenomena in paradise, tune into Dr. DreamingBear's epic journey on 4-1-15!

April 22, 2015

Maui's Poet Laureate & Voice of Nature, Dr. DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan will be performing new verse from his upcoming book: Big Bang ~Cosmic Erotic Love Spells~ at the Makawao Library on April 22 from 6-7 pm. This is an encore event for the Maui Poets Society, featuring exotic music from Helios the Hijaz Hang, & books as well as CDs will be available for purchase by donation to The Lovevolution Foundation!

Join Dr. DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan every Sunday from 12-1 pm Hawaii time for the Mauitopia TV show aired on Akaku Channel 54! Each episode is also then broadcast on youtube & on www.Mauitopia.us
write us with relevant question to be answered on air, & call us with guest ideas! 808-446-1344 & Mauitopia.us@gmail.com


Join us every Thursday from 4-6pm (for Poetic Concerts & exotic Hijaz Hang music, these events are called 'The PoeTree') under the Giant Banyan Tree in Royal Capitol of Hawaii, Lahaina!

Support Maui's Edutainment charity today! The Lovevolution Foundation is receiving donations of finance, resources, & expertise towards our projects to beautify the world, such as: Mauitopia TV show, Literacy to End Poverty, & Conscious Multimedia Concert Events. Our mission is to INSPIRE your personal evolution into Love! Visit www.Lovevolution.net to donate, or call 808.446.1344




Lovevolution Foundation

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