"Baraka the mic is yours!” — Ram Das

Chicken Soup for the Soul creator M.V. Hansen says, “Dr. DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan is the best conscious poet on the planet!” Dr. DreamingBear is an internationally renowned award-winning author of eight books & four albums, on ‘Heart Science & Consciousness’ & is best known as Maui’s Poet Laureate of Nature; he is also the leading voice of the Lovevolution Foundation non-profit 501(c)3. New York Times B.S.A. Dr. Harold Bloomfield says, “Dr. DreamingBear is a modern day Rumi, and his work deserves a wide diverse global audience.”

Dr. DreamingBear has traveled the world extensively performing before audiences as diverse as U.N. dignitaries, universities/colleges, humanitarian aid events, & in theater/concert venues around the globe. Dr. DreamingBear has been featured on the main stage at events such as The Harmony Festival, Nantucket Yoga Conference, Literacy to End Poverty, The Alchemy Conference, Iowa City Yoga Festival, & many more.

He has shared the stage with Lauren Hill, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Primus, Ani DiFranko, Julia ‘Butterfly’ Hill, India Arie, Michael Franti, Caroline Casey, The Flaming Lips, Primus, Edward Sharpe, Jai Uttal, Damien Marley, George Clinton, Krishna Das, & a host of other luminaries committed to inspiring the world. Dr. DreamingBear is a frequent guest in the media & has been featured on a myriad of radio, television, & film programs as well as popular magazines such as Awareness, & Common Ground, & Inspiration to name a few.

“Dr. DreamingBear is a master word-smith delivering his fervent message with extraordinary verbal dexterity and social relevance. He’s a nomadic bard, a hip mystic and modern-language Sufic-style philosopher-poet all rolled into the best verbal alchemist to hit the scene as long as I can remember! If you’d like to experience a living combination of Spaulding Gray, Rumi, Jack Kerouac, Robin Williams, Shel Silverstien, Michael Talbot and Thich Nhat Hanh – you owe it to yourself to see Dr. DreamingBear .” — Frank Marino, Elevate Films

The foundation for Dr. DreamingBear ’s work as a transformational epic orator and poetic storyteller is deeply attuned to the natural world and to the ancestry of his mixed cultural heritage as half Cherokee and half Palestinian. His time as a university teacher/researcher was further defined by three years spent living ‘off the grid’ in a tree house on Maui. While immersed in the forest and farming life of an eco-village at Twin Falls; he began to take his artistry to a new level and developed many of the works that have proven to be inspiring to so many including the award winning book: Wild Love: Kissed into Consciousness.

Upon recognizing a great need for humanity to converge more deeply with the natural world; Dr. DreamingBear went on to create The Lovevolution Foundation 501(c)3, Mauitopia Festival/School of Creative Arts, eight best selling books including the work: Naked Singularity. In addition, he is credited with four poetic albums culminating in the soundtrack ‘Dr. DreamingBear : Wisdom of the Mystics’ a feature length theatrical production featuring the words of Rumi, Hafiz, Kabir, Kahlil Gibran, Tukaram, Omar Khayyam and more.

The lush primordial forests and tropical canopies of Maui are Dr. DreamingBear ’s muse, making nature his laboratory of choice as he seeks to evolve poetic languages to inspire a higher level of global consciousness. Dr. DreamingBear is living the poem in Haiku, ever engaged in the creative process of translating the genius of nature into linguistic works of art, and growing the Lovevolution Public Charity. Find out more about Maui’s Poet Laureate by visiting www.ModernDayRumi.com and www.Mauitopia.us.



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